Get Air

Flip and tumble your way to the top with our range of air products.

The Beam Shop's high quality range of air tracks, air barrels and air spots are long lasting and allow for versatility within a cheerleaders training regime. Whether you are wanting to nail the basics, or want to tumble your way to the top, The Beam Shop’s range of air products allow for a wide range of usage at home and at the gym. 


All of our air products are hand-made and hand glued, ensuring longevity, durability and high performance. Price includes pump, carry bag and repair kit.


With a large variety of air products available, it can become confusing and overwhelming. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Our contact phone number is 0409688721, and our email is 


Psst- Come back here later on to see the best ways you can utilise your air products for tumbling!